Program for NIK

Program for NIK

Tuesday, September 18th

Time Activity
09:00–10:30 Styre- og programkomitemøte, Rom: Amundsen, Radisson
13:00–14:00 Fellesmøte for NIK, NOKOBIT, NISK og UDIT konferansene
Amundsen, Radisson

Wednesday, September 19th

Time Activity
09:00–10:00 Åpning ved Ellen Munthe-Kaas, Instituttleder UiO
Invitert foredrag UDIT
Learning Analytics: What is it and what is its role in education?
Prof. Barbara Wasson, leder av SLATE
Sted: Longyearbyen Kulturhus
10:45–12:15 Machine learning & data analysis
Rom: Andree A, Radisson
Chair: Tor-Morten Grønli
Kuruge Darshana Abeyrathna, Ole-Christoffer Granmo and Morten Goodwin. Effect of Data from Neighbouring Regions to Forecast Dengue Incidences in Different Regions of Philippines Using Artificial Neural Networks
Cathrine Stadsnes, Lilja Øvrelid and Erik Velldal. Evaluating Semantic Vectors for Norwegian
Truls Pedersen and Sjur Kristoffer Dyrkolbotn. The legally mandated approximate language about AI
Staal Vinterbo and Jialan Que. Parallel Feature Selection Using Only Counts
13:30–14:30 Invitert foredrag NISK
Spenningsfeltet innovasjon, digitalisering og kommunikasjonsvern
Elise K. Lindeberg, Sikkerhetsdirektør av Nasjonal kommunikasjonsmyndighet (NKOM)
Sted: Longyearbyen Kulturhus
15:15–17:45 Model-based engineering, analysis and reasoning
Rom: Andree A, Radisson
Chair: Lars Michael Kristensen
Uli Fahrenberg and Kim G. Larsen. Energiautomater, energifunktioner og Kleene-algebra
Einar Broch Johnsen, Martin Steffen, Johanna Beate Stumpf and Lars Tveito. An Analysis Tool for Models of Virtualized Systems
Hans Georg Schaathun and Adrian Rutle. Model-driven engineering in RDF - a way to version control
10 min break (16:25- 16:35)
Svetlana Jakšić, Dan Li, Ka I Pun and Volker Stolz. Stream-based dynamic data race detection
Daniel P. Lupp and Evgenij Thorstensen. Mapping Data to Ontologies with Exceptions Using Answer Set Programming
Magdalena Ivanovska and Marija Slavkovik. Aggregation of probabilisitic logically related judgments

Thursday, September 20th

Time Activity
09:00–10:00 Invitert foredrag NIK
Developing for the long term - Lessons learned through 20 years of Qt
Lars Knoll, PhD, CTO of The Qt Company
Sted: Longyearbyen Kulturhus
10:45–12:15 Deployment, Resources, and Bibliometrics
Rom: Andree A, Radisson
Chair: Einar Broch Johnsen
Jacopo, Mauro, Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa and Ingrid Chieh Yu. Automatic Parameter Optimisation of Service Quality and Resource Usage
Andreas Biørn-Hansen, Tor-Morten Grønli and Siri Fagernes. Analysis of Feature-Completeness in Android Cross-Platform Frameworks
Jens Otten. The Pocket Reasoner -- Automatic Reasoning on Small Devices
Frode Sandnes and Tor Morten Grønli. Thirty Years of NIK: A Bibliometric Study of Paper Impact and Changes in Publication Patterns
13:30–14:30 Invitert foredrag NOKOBIT
Tiden med EDB og fargefjernsyn - før vi ble fanget i nettene
Jørgen Fog og Arild Jansen
Sted: Longyearbyen Kulturhus
15:15–17:45 Numerical analysis and HPC
Rom: Andree A, Radisson
Chair: Anders Andersen
Arne Maus. A faster all parallel Mergesort algorithm for multicore processors
Lars Olav Tolo, Ivan Viola, Atle Geitung, Harald Soleim and Daniel Patel. Multi-GPU Rendering With Vulkan API
Bart Iver van Blokland, Theoharis Theoharis and Anne C. Elster. Quasi Spin Images
10 min break (16:25- 16:35)
André R Brodtkorb. Simplified Ocean Models on the GPU
Dag Nylund and Ole E. Flaten. A dynamically changing spline curve for the motion of a game character
Raymond Toft, Knut-Andreas Lie and Olav Møyner. Full Approximation Scheme for Reservoir Simulation